28th March 2016

English as the official language of Porto Summer of Code 2016


As we prepare for another edition of Porto Summer of Code, we’ve decided to embrace English as our official language.

From now on, all our public announcements and materials will be written primarily in English.

We love our country, our city and our language. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be putting a lot of effort into making this event possible. However, we feel like it is time to widen our communication boundaries even more.

As the competition starts to grow, we want to involve more and more international sponsors, partners, and participants. With every year, we seek to improve the quality of the event and to provide a better experience to everyone.

At the same time, as we all know, English is the main language for programming and technology in general. Syntaxes are in English, discussions and help forums are in English, the best learning bibliographies are in English, and the most relevant events are also in English. All in all, our whole scene is predominantly written and spoken in English.

Therefore English should come to us as our natural second language, as we evolve as students or professionals. The sooner the better!

What if I don’t feel that comfortable with English?

If you are a technological person, it is very important for you to master the English language. Fast! By participating in Porto Summer of Code, even if you don’t master English, you’ll have a safe net where you can practice. And after trying you will become better. It is only by facing the challenges that scares us that and we can exceed ourselves!

We predict that most of our participants will be Portuguese so we’ll definitely still hear Portuguese most of the time. In what concerns the competition itself, this change affects mostly the presentations and interaction with potential international Juri and mentors. Something that actually already happened last year, where one of our mentors wasn’t Portuguese.

It’s not that big of a deal, so get ready for another awesome edition of Porto Summer of Code! ;)

This year’s event will include a bunch of new activities so we can all once again be part of the greatest technological event in Porto!

Stay tuned!

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