30th March 2016

Porto Summer of Code, a programming competition for everyone!


As many of you know, in its first two editions, Porto Summer of Code was a programming competition for students. Starting this year, we are opening the competition to everyone who wants to participate!

Opening the event to all hackers out there is a privilege and an inevitability. We always present ourselves as the bridge between all kinds of people from the different islands of our tech-scene. In that sense, opening the event to everyone is something that comes to us as natural as well as essential. It’s also an imperative change if we want to turn Porto Summer of Code into the most important technological event in Portugal. And you’re goddamn right to assume that’s our goal.

We aim to bring technology closer to society. By opening the event to everyone, we are taking a step further to increase the quality of the competing projects, and therefore increase the chances of them making it into a real environment where our society can leverage them! Through our collaboration with the municipality of Porto, one of our main partners, we will be providing real and meaningful data about the city of Porto, that can be used as the foundation for exciting new apps and services.

Our commitment to students

From our experience, it’s common to meet college students who still don’t have a well defined idea of what they want to do when they graduate. Even those who might have an idea are very likely to change their mind throughout college.

Most of the time, it is by connecting with more experienced people and getting to know the exciting world of technology outside the boundaries of the academic environment that we start to define what’s our role, what really makes us move, and where we want to apply our time and knowledge!

As alumni of the University of Porto, this is one of the main reasons why we put together this programming competition: to gather all profiles in the industry in one place, so that students can connect with freelancers, solo founders, consultancy groups, product companies and software houses, giving them a broader knowledge about their career path options.

Our commitment to students stays unchanged: students will always be a crucial part of PSC. We encourage and welcome their participation, securing them opportunities to win exciting prizes, connect with our mentors and technology experts, while providing a safety net where we can all fail, learn, and improve!

Change is happening in Porto Summer of Code and, with it, we expect to see yet another increase in the overall quality of the event, while keeping the joyful and healthy competition spirit that has been part of our identity since the first edition, in 2014.

You may be a student, a self-taught hacker, or a PhD, but you’ll always find a place for you in Porto Summer of Code, and we are pretty sure that you’ll enjoy it as much as we do, as it is the most exciting technological party in Porto!

See you in September!

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