15th June 2016

Workshops PSC16

Great news everyone: We’re stoked to announce that Porto Summer of Code 2016 will feature a series of workshops given by several of our partners and friends!


One of our goals with PSC has always been knowledge sharing. In that sense, the idea of featuring workshops with radically different topics, from recreational to serious subjects, was something we always tried to include in our event.

Well, this year we made it happen! In the next few days, we will be announcing workshops periodically in our official platforms.

Since each workshop will have limited seating, let us explain how we are going to select the participants:

  1. Once the workshop is announced in our official platforms (Facebook, Twitter, website), you will be able to subscribe to that workshop. That means that as soon as applications are open we will send you a notification email.
  2. The applications will only open sometime during August, and will function on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. A fraction of the spots will be reserved to PSC participants, and that slice may vary from workshop to workshop, depending on the amount and distribution of applications. However, we will try to be as consistent as possible, to prevent any unfairness.
  4. Once the applications close, we will select the pool of participants, as well as some backup participants. Backup participants will be contacted to participate, if any participants give up their spot.

So, brace yourselves to a great event, and plan your work to allow for an hour or two of fun with our speakers. 😉

Keep those registrations coming, and see you in September!

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