20th July 2016

Win awesome prizes

Motivation is key. Building a cool and meaningful project is a motivation in itself, but everything gets more interesting with… prizes!


As in previous years, we’ll be rewarding the best projects at Porto Summer of Code. In this edition, we have up to €6000 in prizes! 

Each member of the winning teams will get:

  • 1st place: €550 voucher + Todoist Premium + 1Password Premium + GitHub Private;
  • 2nd place: €300 voucher + Todoist Premium + GitHub Private;
  • 3rd place: €150 voucher + Todoist Premium;
  • Student team award: €350 voucher + Todoist Premium + 1Password Premium + GitHub Private.

The student team award rewards the best project developed by students. Students shouldn’t be afraid to participate in a competition with more experienced developers, and they should take it as an opportunity to learn and grow. We will always support and encourage the audacity of young teams who feel they can accomplish great things.

So, are you going to stay at home, or are you going to win? Easy answer. 😉

See you in September!

The Porto Summer of Code team.

Note: Closer to the event we will announce in which store you will be able to spend your vouchers, but you can expect a large selection of IT and other products too.
Note 2: If the best project by a team of students is one of the 3 best projects, the team with the 4th best overall project will also receive prizes. More info at http://portosummerofcode.com/rules

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